Food Problems & Image Complex

I've been dieting now for a week. Part of me really wanted to just lose some weight; the other part of me wamtef to see my abs. Regardless of what diet I'm doing, it's just that, a diet. I'm hungry--all the time, and in trying to be mature about it; however, I'm getting really emotional over the fact that it's $0.50 corndog day at Sonic, and I don't get to participate. 

Let's define terms: I'm not over weight, at all. In fact, by looking at me you would think I could stand to gain a few; but I'm no Abercrombie model either. "Then why?"

I have to be straight up honest with myself (and the internet)---I have an image complex. 

I see myself, and don't like what I see. 

To go further, I ha e a food addiction that has become inflamed since I quit smoking cigarettes almost five months ago. 

I have a major problem on my gands, that has a deep root in my heart. Being aware of the throne I have given addiction before, I may have stumble upon an elitist that has been lurking in the shadows, secretly pulling strings.