Dream Sequence: Goats

A few weeks ago, I had the following dream; I wrote it down in a word document, so that I could uphold the details, but never posted it:


I dreamed.

I purchased a house in the suburbs.

I was young, like a child.

I had a boyfriend.

He was Columbian with long hair.

We were playing in the back yard.

He went to the neighbor’s house. They were not home.

In the back yard I saw a strange white deer. It was female.

I went to the neighbor’s house where my boyfriend and his brother were jumping on the neighbors trampoline.

I didn’t want to be there.

My bills were laying around in paper trays on the trampoline. I told them that I wanted to leave and that my bills shouldn’t be here.

I went back to my house, and I found that the deer I saw had birthed a new born.

The new born was in a circle of trees like at the end of fern gulley.

My boyfriend came by and told him to look at the new white deer. He said that it was making a funny face, and then he imitated it.

I was behind him, and I had my hands around his midsection as we were crouching down. He was a bit out of shape, and I didn’t like it.

Whenever I woke up I realized that the deer was not a deer. It was a goat. And that’s why my boyfriend said it was making a funny face. Because it was a goat face.