Hanging with SAVERCOOL

I was given a great opportunity to hang out with Richard Savercool this weekend and fill in for him while he was letting his voice rest.

It was such a different experience to jam the front spot for a rock band. I felt like Jagger a little bit ;)


Compilation Recording with CSR!

Last night, we had an amazing time recording the compilation record for CSR. I am so honored to be featured on such an amazing talented line up of artists. There will be more on this as details become available. 

In the mean time please enjoy this video of my new track that will be featured on the CD entitled "River Hymn".

Interview with The Painter

At the beginning of the year, I got to meet an amazing artist: The Painter. We totally hit it off in this interview from Local Houston Music. The most exciting part about this is that The ETX Rocks Show syndicated it to all of their listeners. I hope you enjoy the interview and The Painter's Music. 

Check out Local Houston Music for more information on other artists in the Houston area.