Dream Sequence; Titans

I was at the shell gas station across the street from Beckwith's. I was facing Beckwith's, and some sort of explosion happened behind me. There were these large animals--as big as buildings. They were destroying things. 

One of the beasts passed over me, and broke the glass out of my car. A blue light came on the dash board that I'd never seen that said "Return" along with a symbol. My vehicle would barely drive at this point. There was no power upon acceleration. 

I ended up getting my vehicle across the street, and the animals had passed. Many people were coming to Beckwith's with there cars with the same light on their dash boards. It was a signal sent out by the government that caused the problem to occur. Only the manufacturer could fix the problem. 

--- Jump Scene

I'm in a movie theater. With Lynn and her Mom. I'm drinking during the film: Jack and Coke. I offer drinks to Lynn's who then gives them to her mom.