Hanging with SAVERCOOL

I was given a great opportunity to hang out with Richard Savercool this weekend and fill in for him while he was letting his voice rest.

It was such a different experience to jam the front spot for a rock band. I felt like Jagger a little bit ;)


From: a city made of stone

It’s appropriate that this exploration from 2009 be part of the streaming and download release.  

I can remember the color of the room I lived in at the time: a Dark red and muddy green brown recording. it has become in its current form as the introduction to Dark Water.

A time stamp to date the beginning of things.  It’s a place where I first explored this landscape—a different time.

after dark water
your writing voice
don't talk with this voice
it's just a faint echo that bounces around
no public post
no desire for insight
no real defense
no real patients
lacking in response
virtually lethal
a low hanging star
less humidity
a cool breeze
you could run away
like you were 22 again
shut down
pack up
return on occasion
maybe not

forget I said anything...