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I have always understood music as circular and spherical form; though it is a common theme through my entire work this record is the most refined of said thought. I began writing this music in 2009, a short time before moving to Houston, Texas.

It is the third of a series of records I made on an annual basis with Billy Hillman in Huntzville, Texas. This record was solely produced by myself in January 2015.

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Prayers From the Cell

About a year after recording Aquarian Floods, I knew that I wanted to go back into the studio. I took the opportunity to pay homage to the Body of Christ from which I received my musical grooming and education. 

I was also able to bring back some of the no shows from the previous year in the studio. 

This was my second year to make a record at Hilltrax Studios with Billy in Huntzville, Texas. 

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Aquarian Floods

It was to be my first self-produced studio release, and would feature the most definitive songs of my repertoire; It would serve to define the standards of my sound and style. 

Billy Hillman recorded and engineered the live set in his studio in Huntzville, Texas in January of 2013.

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Campaign One;

In 2011, I started working on a project with a very close friend of mine named Richard Savercool. He is the only producer I have ever trusted my songs with, and this is the formal set of our work together. 

The EP was first released in print in 2013, alongside the digital release of "Aquarian Floods" as a promotional piece.