Dream Sequence

on Apr 22, 2014

A mountain, Along the ascent there were different thing. There didn’t necessarily occur in the order in which I am recalling them. Nathan Brow and Bobby Kaznoon were in the with me at this academy or school of sorts. We were all three working together. Nathan and Bobby went off to lunch together, but I went to lunch alone. The primary location was reminiscent of the seventh grade and the class rooms there. Ms. Liprie’s class room in particular. I can recall there being visqueen draping partitions. Another stage: I could see the location of where we were from aerial view. I could see the facility where I was, and I could also see a neighborhood with swimming pools and a few houses just below the academy. Dylan Oubre lived in this neighborhood. The third stage of the dream was back in the academy. I was in a class room with my peers: people from the seventh grade era of my...

Dream Sequence

on Apr 19, 2014

There were turtles There was New Orleans There was my grandfather, and his hunting land. He said that he would rather stay out there. He’d set up deer stands in trees, and whenever he was finished them, he’d abandon the whole outfit–leaving behind important supplies like toilet paper. The last bit, I was in school. I saw a genealogy. The first of all musicians. Adam and Eve, showing the baby Jesus to The Lord as a sacrifice. Dylan Oubre’s mom was teaching. In the last moments she asked one of the student to give a demonstration of how to do the homework. He began to read over the lesson in song. Singing the assigned numbers and names. I could see from his perspective, and the text that he was reading from. The song he was singing. Am–G–D… And the word “September” was being shouted by the choir behind...

Dream Sequence

on Apr 18, 2014

I dreamed, There were at least three stages to the dream that I can remember. It started with me being at my my grandmothers house with my sister Becky, but the house didn’t belong to my grandmother. We were visiting my mom there. We were young, but I our current forms. I was traveling. The second part led me to someone’s house that could only be described as Lady Gaga. It was as if I was spending the night with this woman. We had sex together. We slept on the second floor of the house we were in. There was little furniture I the room. The third scene, and most easily recalled was in the swamps of Louisiana. Perhaps I was below the US boarder. I was wearing boots, khakis, and a green striped button down shirt. I was walking through the swamps and I stumbled across an indigenous people group who lived in the muddy waters. I stumbled upon one family: the mother in particular....

Dream Sequence

on Apr 17, 2014

It started with me at the Patterson Truck Stop. My boss, Bart, was there. He was sitting at the bar, He had been drinking too much. He had just walked out of the casino. We had mild conversation, and in his inebriation, he told me that he had found my music on the juke box, and played it. From that he went on to tell me that he saw Lexus Berthalot and her mother in the casino, and in the conversation we found that he knew them too. At that point the scene switch, and I was in Humble off of 1960 and Timber Forest. My apartment complex was located where Coach’s Bar was, and in the same shopping center was a piano store. I went I with Bart initially. The store was giant with lots of warm tones, deeps reds, and vintage lighting. Walking around we looked at all the pianos, and I found many different kind. I sat at a harpsichord, and attempted to play it. The keys were loose and...

Foundations of the Faith

on Mar 25, 2014

I listened to some teachings last night. one in particular laid out a list of scriptures that are the foundations of our faith. They are as follows:

on Mar 14, 2014

The latest of them: “You Look like a clown” West It’s nothing like I had imagined that it would be from the beginning. territories Newest in it’s natural...

A Dream Imprisoned

on Mar 11, 2014

Yesterday, I recorded growth. “Frozen in time: I like it with lime” Red is for Wisdom – I like it with lime. Omega Wolf is shown A peculiar number story has been presented. Teresa is moving soon. The black foreground is revealed as well. A template of Corinthian...

Out of Egypt & Stories in Exodus

on Mar 5, 2014

In my life and through out my indoctrination I have know very little about the Jewish people, or the linage of Jewish people that led up to Jesus. So with that, Old Testament studies are the topic of discussion. Questions have risen for me early in the text of Exodus as I hear about the life of Moses. Since I’ve seen the “Prince of Egypt” more often than I’ve actually read the text my thought process is altered to say the least. I’m curious of Moses’ status in Egypt. I wonder how high in ranks he really was; I’m sure it was low enough that he would see death for killing the Egyptian man–clearly NOT above the law of the land. I’m also curious of the state of worship in the land of Midian, after he left Egypt. Was Moses worshiping other gods under Jethro, only to encounter the Lord at the bush? Furthermore, how was he reared in Egypt?...

Black Fish

on Feb 28, 2014

I watched the documentary called “Black Fish” last night while house sitting for my sister. It was a really sad story about a large killer whale in captivity who has killed people on multiple occasions. It’s available on Netflix for those who are interested. Thanks to Kyle for suggesting the...

The Lord Will Provide

on Feb 26, 2014

It’s one thing to know what the word says in regards to finances, tithes, and seeds; but nothing is better than to take the Lord at his word, and see the first sprouts of the seeds. The Lord has continuously provided for me. Malachi 3:10¬†(AMP) 10¬†Bring all the tithes (the whole tenth of your income) into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and prove Me now by it, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.