Dream Sequence: The Witch of Endor

My recollection of the dream starts off in a million different places. Malls, and shopping centers, and grocery stores. Low ceilings like in departments stores. 

Then all of a sudden I'm down the street... with my parents; however it's not Paula and Ricky. I needed to get to the Kroger across the street. It was night time, and there was the amber glow of street lights. The street was very busy like 1960 in Spring. I was driving a car to get across, and picked up a Mexican Man who needed to cross. He and I spoke briefly, but I had never met him.

Crossing the street, and in to the store, I was in the bathroom supply section: like face wash and shower gel. I met up with my Pastor, Mike, and he told me that we would meet up with a woman who practiced the same sorcery as the Witch of Endor. So then we went to my apartment.

My memory leads me to another part of my dream sequence that may or may not have been related.----
My sister Vicky had large portrait-oriented, framed, poster-sized photographs printed. They were sibling related: one was of Gordon, Becky, Vicky, and Kevin all sitting at a table next to a beautiful building having dinner, and looking at the person taking the picture. They weren't smiling, rather, their faces were solemn. There was another one of that was of she and I; it was a collage of sorts: showing different pictures of us together. She had others that I could see. There were none of Sam. Sam's picture, however, showed up in little places here and there--like Easter eggs--------

Back in my other dream with Pastor Mike, Ashely Norton, and other people from the church. We were waiting for this woman to give us a "teaching". She walks into the room, and she is like stick figure drawing (shown). She had a very high voice: very soft and pleasent. 

She said that she would start the ceremony that she came to do. I was confused at first because I thought that she was going to be giving a teaching, or something along those lines. I didn't resit her magic, however, I laid down on the couch upside down; my feet on the back of the sofa, and my back on the seat. She sat on top of me and started to power my nose with a little white fluffy ball, and white powder. She spoke words over me with her little voice quietly the whole time. She ended her deal by wrapping her arms around me and and having me do the same to her. She was petite and frail. She then did something to crack my back, and at that point there was a non-sexual climax in my body, and I was moaning loudly as though something was released. My friend Ashely got up and left the room as though she wasn't going to take part in it anymore. The Woman would be performing the same practice on all the people in the room. With this I woke up.

Again, My memory leads me to another bit of dream that also occurred that may or may not be related to the main narrative. I was at the end of my Dad's neighborhood, Green Acres, where there were no houses. I was on a mattress that had no sheets on it, and I was laying on my stomach. I wasn't able to walk, and I was dragging the mattress along under my belly as I crawled along inch by inch. While there Jerry from Impact showed up. He told me something that I don't exactly recall, but it was something along the lines of, "Get Up".