Joshua and Saturn

It's taken me a long time to finish the Book of Joshua. 

Primarily because I'd become disinterested. The narrative of the story is very much about war, and Isreal destroying other Nations; I'm not much for a war story. At the end the story wraps up very neatly though. 

The book of Joshua holds the crossing of the Jordan. The time that the sun and moon stood still takes place here also. These are parts of scripture that I had always known about--I may have even heard a sermon or two on these subjects, but I've never completely heard the words straight through. 

The book is summarized wonderfully in the 24th chapter. The Israelites are allotted their land & promise from God, and Joshua dies. There are a couple of verses that have shown themselves relevant to me within Joshua's final proclamation to the people of Isreal. I would like to share those.

"Now therefore fear the Lord, and serve him in sincerity and in truth: and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, ad in Egypt; and serve ye the Lord"

The term, "on the other side of the flood", is special to me. I can see the metaphorical flood in my life, the things it destroyed, and the remnants of giants left behind. Recently, I've been learning about the occult symbolism that has been associated with the planet of Saturn; it is often paralleled with Satanism, Kabbala, and the Kaaba in Mecca. 

As a young composer of songs, I was unaware of what was involved. As my mind started to fill in the blanks of the world I was creating through my method of symbols and sounds, I came to identify myself as Saturn. Some ten years later, having completed formal recording of my work, I look back at the alters to other gods I've built within the artistic realm. I've created myself as an enemy against the God of Isreal. I liken it to the acts of Ballem.

Still, I want to know the God of Isreal, Jesus, and His Holy Spirit. 

I'm wrapped in these rings of Saturn, and I'm rising on the horizon of Enceladus; As Lazarus was wrapped in the dressings of a dead man, when Jesus called him from the tomb. 

This is what I believe; however, I can't omit that these conclusions of mine are that of the Lord's completely, and I'm called to vigilance.

Composition is at a halt indefinitely. I can't say that I'm upset right now. My motives haven't been as clear as I wished they'd been, and it's time that I not be so frivolous with my words.