Dream Sequence: The Cage

I was walking down the east bound side of FM 1960 in Humble, across from the First Assembly of God church and Beckwith's Car Care. There I met a creole dark-skinned black man with a white parrot. He was dressed very homely: wearing a white wife-beater that was dark colored from his doings. He was thin with very short curly hair.
As he approached me he asked me to come and see his home, and I agreed. 
I followed him in between the properties of the church and Beckwith's to a place set off deeply in the woods.
His home was in an incredibly thick brush that walled the boundaries of the area. The area was rectangular, and divided into three separate sections. I don't recall passing through the first section. The second section was like his workplace, or like a shed that one would have behind their house. There was a brush line that divided it from the third section with a cut out path at the left side of the area. This aloud passage to the third section.
He kept leading me towards the third section, and I followed without hesitation.
There I was shown a cage.
As we walked closer to it he told me that he was "keeping them there for more of a homeopathic study". I asked him if he would have doctors come in to look at them, and he replied no. Not much else of our conversation do I recall.
the cage was was square and long, and had another structure built around it that covered it from the elements. The cage had multiple parts and shafts in it, like a raccoon trap.  There was a section cut out of it closer to it's top so that his parrot could fly in an out of it; I believed that the cage was for his parrot. His parrot flew in, and greeted him as he knelt by the cage, and spoke to me more about the cage. There was an adult pig roaming about in this third section as well. His parrot was dirty, and his feathers resembled that of dirty wool on a sheep.

As I peered into the cage I saw a woman's hand and arm come forward that gestured for the man to give her food. Looking in deeper I could see the face of a child in it as well. I realized that there were people in this cage. The man told me he found them in the woods, but I knew he was lying. I asked if he was going to keep them there, and he implied yes. 
I told him that I had to leave, and headed leave. Once I got to the second section I realized that I couldn't leave the people there, and I had to do something. As I turned around to go back to the cage the man was standing in the path between the second and third section, and he'd drawn a knife on me. The whites in his eyes had turned blood red, and he embodied a wickedness that was previously not in him.
I'd managed to grab the knife from him, and started to attack him; however, the knife was very dull and rusty, and the man had strangely thick and leathery skin.
He laughed at me as I tried to stab him in the face with the knife, as if he knew that the knife was not sharp enough. He then pulled out another knife that was sharper. There was a struggle for a moment, but I got the knife from him.
In a simultaneous moment I stabbed him in the mouth and the temple --- I stabbed the man in mouth having the blade pass through the back of his head and driving it into the ground --- I stabbed the man in the left temple, and then twisted the blade.
When the fight was over my next action was to contact the police.