Recording Complete

I'm excited to say that the recording for my record is complete. 

I have had the recordings for a couple of weeks, but there is always a bit of postpartum disgust with the finished product. I had the oppertunities to meet with a lot of close friends and family to present it to, so that I could gather my confidences with it. 

The record is titled "Bulbs", and is my most intement collection of songs over the time since I moved to Houston. It's also the third installment of recordings that I done with Hilltrax Studios.

I had a hard time in the studio this year around. The songs were meticulous this year around, and the subject matter was difficult to express--illusive, to say the least.

I've a lot of support during this time from my family and the church, and I want to say that they were more than instrumental in making it very possible; all my need were met during the time, and I was able to completely hoan in on my work. 

The record will be made available in the next few weeks over a verity of outlets across the web, so stay tuned to my Facebook and my Instagram.

And as always you can find me here at  This Intangible Existence dot com. :)