Cult Leaders

20130220-095402.jpg I'm not sure what gets me the most about this whole thing: the fact that so many people died because of their faith, or that so many people died because of the shepherds that lead the to the slaughter.

The leaders offer themselves with the rest of their loyal & not so loyal followers.

I wonder how it felt to be the first person in Jonestown to give the S.O.S. note to the congressman. I wonder how Jim Jones felt when the congressman told him he was taken part of his fold.

I wonder what it felt like to be in the line waiting for you serving of a refreshing glass of Kool-aid red death, and thinking to yourself--"I've got to get out of this line... Now!" However, you never make it, and instead you follow the line with the rest of the peers your first walked in with; all toasting to yours and their death.