This is the third day that I'm on an antidepressant.I'm having to learn and adjust to this new way of living. Or is it new? I'm having to learn how to be creative in new way. I have to adapt to these surroundings. No more books, like there used to be.

"Greeting from America;" I thought to myself... Should I even think it at all? Would you or could you Really restore the years I've lost to the insects? I wouldn't be mad about it really. These words are new. These words are public. It's as if I'm forced to be Over Cheesy Over Redundant Over Easy


THE MUSIC IS GROWING Do I see roots growing? Lord I see roots. Can we speak on such terms?


specimen shows sign of life underwater I still haven't read the assigned text Alien cohabitant is still close vasinity I've begun reciting the message in a local gathering I hope you find it pleasing;;;vole't