The Flat Earth Society

I absolutely love to hear about what people believe. I've come to know about a group of people with quite the peculiar worldview on the reality around us: The Flat Earth Society.

The name of the group speaks for itself. These people reject the common spherical model of the earth that was first speculated in the 6th century. The gist of what they promote is that the earth is flat; what is commonly known as Antarctica is actually a wall of ice that holds in the water of the oceans; the north pole is the center of the world; and the Sun, Moon, and heavenly bodies circle above us in the firmament.

I don't know exactly how I feel about what these people are saying, but I love the idea. For me is paints a picture of the world that would exist in the writings of Tolkien or perhaps an ancient tale passed down through the tribes of the Native Americans. I very much admire their courage to go against modern day world view.

Check out their website, and stay tuned to a follow up article for more details.