V838 Monocerotis & Nibiru

Back in 2007, while horribly high, I was one of the many who fell into the 2012 end times craze. I bathed my brain in the ideas presented by the conspiracy theorists. Since then I have become a little bit more discerning, but the entertainment value that I find in 2012 junk is still pretty overwhelming--so much that I can get pretty wrapped up in it as if it were the Spice Girls and 1998.
Anyhow, one element of the whole 2012 story is the collision between Earth and Nibiru. Back in 2007, I first saw this image of outer space that was alleged to be an image of the planet Nibiru on it's way to us.
Recently I have run across this same image, but more up to date. I have learned that this beautiful thing is called to NASA as V838 Monocerotis. While searching around the internet I found an awesome time lapsed progression video--that I would like to share--of the anomaly that is quite stunning.