Oh Mysterious Woman Lurking Around Atascocita

Since I've been living in Texas, I have met many people. A lot like when I lived in Patterson, Louisiana, I often see people that I know that I know. During this past summer I ran into an encounter with a girl. She works at Best Buy. The night went like this:
I was in Best Buy with my brother, Raymond. From a few isles away I could see her, and our eyes met. We carried on with a non verbal conversation for about three to five minutes saying,
--I know you--
--from where?--
--I don't know--
--Wow that's weird--
--I know--
Once the exchange took place across some fifty feet, we closed in on each other, and had a verbal conversation. We exchange names, and tried to figure out how we new each other; we came to no conclusion. 
The moral of this story is that I saw this woman tonight as I was lurking around Atascocita buying cigarettes. As I walked up to the store front to buy smoke she was walking out. I smiled, and waved at her; she excitedly walked to me with her arms open for a hug. We embraced like old friends do, but we're not old friends. 
It was a very interesting experience, and I look forward to the next time that I see her. What love can come from strangers. The most exciting part about the whole thing is that I may never see her again; tonight could have been the last time. The mystery is the bond between our friendship; what a blessing.