If I Can Find One

If I can find One.

The piano - I can sit and rock myself back and forth, on the same three chords all night, talking in circles. It's like a second language; music is an extension of language.
I grew up with an effeminate attraction towards female singer/song writers and POP music. I can remember being obsessed with Alanis Morriestte all the way to the Spice Girls. I didn't know how to make music back in the late 90's; all I knew how to do was sing in falsetto. So between solo's at church and dancing in my room to Britney I relieved my artistic angst... or at least the same that of a budding teenager.
Puberty came somewhere in late '98 to the summer of '99, and everything changed. I started noticing people more, myself more, the idea of god, and music more. The minister of the church I was attending saw some potential in me and gave me a scholarship to piano lessons with a kind, soft spoken, Southern Baptist music director's wife named Janet.

Ms. Janet was honestly one of the most kind people to me when it came to teaching. Within her spiritual womb she carried and birthed the call to music that I now possess today. Either every Tuesday or every Thursday I would meet with Ms. Janet for thirty minutes to go over little ditties of songs, scales, and always a great conversation about music theory. I would bring this Sarah Mclachlan book for "easy piano." Through some strange course of explanation of reading music, she opened a Pandorian box and the water broke on how to read chord charts, and then it all clicked.
I started writing music in high school when I was a freshman. Very plain music, not much to do with the current day, was what I started writing; by the time I was finished with high school I had already filled a notebook with songs, children, creation.
In early two-thousand and seven I found my voice and what It was I was supposed to be doing with gift given to me by the church. The songs started sounding different; It was like I had to keep asking myself, "Who wrote this stuff?" I could see where I was being deeply influenced by all the artist I was listening to, and was tired of being compared to certain artist that seemed to make me look and feel like I was just another poser trying to spill my heart on the floor beneath the piano.
I needed divine intervention.
And so a light broke in; it was the Christ, Jesus to be more specific and He showed me the circle I'd been spinning. "Now what do I do?" I'm unimpressed by most christian contemporary music because of It's smell of "top 40" based chord progression and cheesy hook lines. I'm here writing music out of my heart, like a true artist, and the church expects me to be in nothing more than a well built and talented cover band every sunday, playing those same songs. Not that there is anything wrong with that; I've played guitar for worship purposes and felt fulfillment musically from it, I just know that not only was the gift of music so graciously given to me by Jesus, the father, but the need and longing to share this story that is my life as I know it.
This, my friends, is what I so sincerely have titled
The Piscean Transcendence Through the Martian Battle Front.
 vole' t