Before the End of it...

Terrell Brinlee June 1 at 3:29am
... more specifically... how do you justify or rationalize your faith? Is it that just a "blind leap" or is there a foundation on which it is build?

Stephen Stasiowski June 1 at 4:59pm
Being that faith is relative I assume different people to take on the idea of faith in a manner just as vast as the number of people who hold the idea of faith to anything they choose. Faith may be blind to some but faith to me is simply a belief and no blindness is involved, for I see the thing I have faith in, every day, every minute and second, in every moment, no faith is needed in terms of a "leap" for I see it just as I see the sky Is blue, or just as I know I am happy or sad, I know it to be true to myself.