June 3rd, 2o10

This is the second to last day of my vacation before I go back to work. I have to say what a grand vacation it has been; totally relaxed. I've had time to set up my presence on the internet nicely. Now I'm divided into different sites, one for each idea: photo, blog, music, video, mini-blog, and email. Facebook was just too much. I would find myself sitting at the computer refreshing over and over just to see if anyone had commented on my page... " what should it matter??" I like being published on the internet, but if people want to see or hear my art they need to go find it somewhere it can properly be presented for what it is. I'm seeing the transition all the way from Constellation BluePrint now into the season of writing, and what a long season it has been: the Piscean Transcendence Through the Martian Battle Front. That's a long title for something. I'm glad I got to just hang out this week, completely separate myself from everything and got the view the thoughts in my mind and take an inventory of it all.
"I want to fit into the perfect space; feel natural and safe among all the tile plates." - The Avett Brothers
What a statement to make. It's about bricks on my end however. On the side of my house I pray for cold water. I'm breathing and dying waiting for you. I think of tomorrow when I'm not here today. On the side of my house I pray. The rain falls slow and light on me right now. It comes to run the ink down the page. I'm liking photography a lot right now. From Polaroids to digital, this is definitely my next favorite thing. Polaroids stand alone in all they do. The act of taking the picture holds to the moment and galaxy in which you've originally seen it pass, only to be viewed amongst all items of truly captured light, not a digital record. Light made tangible in your hands. It's like catching stars. just add light.
As light is to matter, water is to us...
Just add light.
The story of Christ is written all around us. weather you're something calling it something else. I can see him in the water cycle. I can see him in the stars, from the red to the blue. This is a work about America, to America. And I myself, as America, must find redemption. For as innocent and unknowing as your were, you let the colors get all over.

Now America plays god. Invest your 10% into me and I'll let you live comfortably. This is America.

First let me take out your back teeth. This is like circumcision.
Picking apart understanding, so that I might pick apart myself. I'm so into myself sometimes it's sick. I think the bad part about smoking is that I think I"m so cool that I indulge in myself when I'm high.
But I've just been so busy between church and work I'm so pulled down to the middle and then I"m going to be taking classes in the fall... Where will I have time for myself?
I need not complain for this was my wish, besides I did school, work, and church last fall, and the more I think about it, the more excited I begin to feel about school. I need a schedule that's packed so that way I'm not over indulging in myself. At least that's how I'm justifying things right now.
We are made in God's image. We are made like him. He very well could look like us, but in my mind that all too well known verse means we have the ability to understand. We have the power to see God for what he is. God presented himself to the animal through the sun, just like the pagan. And though I can see the symbolism of Christ in the sun, That does not make Christ the sun. You can tell all things of me aesthetically through a picture, but that picture is not me. I am me, and just as God presented himself to all creation THROUGH creation that does not make God creation. Christ is God. And though many have claimed his story through the sun's ritual, none of them have a guarantee with a name backing it. As American consumers, we know the power of branding. Jesus Christ is a brand that has out stood the test of time..
And though there will be a person here an there that seems to take the name of Christ a little to far, from my perspective, everyone is talking about it because it works. because it's right, and because it's the truth behind all things created.
I'm about to listen to Nelly Furtado's, "Loose." This always makes me think of Falon.
"Looks like an early winter" - Gewn Steffanni
In these four walls I rent, I dance to songs from my past.
June 3rd, 2010

"A City Made of Stone" pg. 124-126
**Note that what is read here has be edited and revised from the original manuscript by the author