Dream Sequence; Leather Jacket & Red Shirt

Last night I saw my brother. 

I'm not sure who's house we were at, but it was styled like a middle aged person would keep their home in the 90's. It wasn't the 90's.

He came downstairs and was standing in the kitchen in front of a window. The sun was bright behind him; it was what seemed to be 11:30 or Noon. His wife had just bought him a black leather jacket. She was to my right. She gave it to him. He started to put it on, and the jacket looked like it might be too small for him. As he stretched it across his shoulders it seemed to fit him perfect. 

"It would look really good with a red t-shirt," I told him. Then I realized that he was wearing a red t-shirt. He stood there in front of me as the red of his shirt became clear. There was a white print on it. He had blue jeans on as well. 

I started to explain to him how red looks good to all of us because of how apples are red, and he started to finish my sentence and continued in the conversation and the idea of how humans are predisposed to like red. Our eye contact was long and intentional.

I told him that I wanted to take a picture of him, so I pulled out my Fujifilm Wide Instax camera. Something was wrong with the camera and I had to pull the film cartridge out. There was a picture jammed in the cartridge that seemed like it was taken with a cracked/kaleidoscopic lens. The image had an offset center and red and slotted patterns. It was somewhat like a fractile. 

Once the camera was ready, I found I only had one shot left in it. He moved over to the left of where he was standing against a yellow wall in soft white light. He looked really good. My sister came into the shot as if she was going to sneak into the image holding up a peace sign. I immediately got angry with her and anxious because I would only have one opportunity to take the picture, and because I knew I was about to wake up, and that he would be gone.