Recording: One more down for the first time

I just left the studio in Huntsville. I hired Billy Hillman & Hilltrax Studio to do the engineering again. It is always a pleasure to work with him.  

This time around I took the liberty of a new strategy in recording. In my previous session, my approach would be to record a bulk of 5 to 13 songs in one live track. Today, using the same amount of time, I recorded one song: "Calling Out Your Name".

I layered the piano first and corrected each imperfection as I encountered them. Then came the voice in its own layer atop the keys. Each foul note was rerecorded as I saw fit. It was so great.

Often times, after recording a session, I would have to correct each cringing moment in my head until I was just used to hearing it. Not this time. I feel like for the first time, I was able to walk aways from a recording project and have complete confidence in the product that was created.

Last night I went to an Audrey Assad performance, and I purchased her two records Inheritance & Fortunate Fall. They were my soundtrack to my travels today. Her artistry last night was an inspiration to my work, and I’m thankful for the way the timeline worked out. I almost rescheduled the recording session.

The new never before track, “Calling Out Your Name”, will be available before the end of March ;)