Dream Sequence

It was Thanksgiving, and I went home to Louisiana. People were celebrating in some of the strangest ways. Everyone was living outside in these make shift houses that were all lined up in a row in a giant field. It was a festival. There were many familiar faces: my extended family & people I went to high school with.

Each house was set up in its own way, and built with different things. Some had canopies, some had barbecue pits, and others were just plywood slapped together.

Night had fallen, and I became bored. I started to wander around visiting others to pass the time.

I saw the Costa family, but Chris was not with them. I visited with them for a while. They were having Catholic rituals by using the computer. The graphics on the screen were a row of squares that would move and sparkle, and each square had a letter in it. I believe it spelled faith.

The next day, there was a group of high school friends, and they were all skydiving. There was no plane. Stephen Stasioisky was there, and he offered to go with me. We were to take these small candies that were black and tasted and looked like sprees.

I took the candy, and I immediately regretted my decision. But, I was too late. I was immediately in the sky. I was above the clouds, and I wasn't falling. It was like I could maneuver in the air. I was only wearing shorts and a parachute.

I remember the clouds. It was Dusk, and the sun was setting far ahead of me. Stephen was in the air with me, and we had become connected somehow spiritually. He told me we would have to go back down, but because I didn't know how to get down, he grabbed me proceeded downward.

Once I got back to ground, I realized that I had done something up there that was worth praise. I walked around boldly as if I understood the method of "skydiving" completely after one visit.