Dream Sequence

I saw nameless; We were going to a meeting of sorts; perhaps it was a Celebrate Recovery meeting. We found out that there were terrorists in the room that we were going to. So we ran. At this point we  were outside of the building, and the landscape was desert terrain.

We were hiding behind this wall when the terrorists found us. We ran. Nameless; was shot twice. I can recall seeing him standing there telling me that he had been shot.

The dream jumps scenes, and I'm in this room during the night with Nameless;. He's laying in a bed that takes up most of the room. This room is on the second floor. He was dying there. We had relations, and then it seems he disappears as if he was never there. I wandered around this building for a while.

The next scene jumps to me on the balcony of a high rise apartment which was where I was living. I had gotten word while I was out there that he had died. I played my according in a B minor round. There were three girls on the building across from me on the very top who were listening to me.