Dream Sequence

I dreamed, There were at least three stages to the dream that I can remember.

It started with me being at my my grandmothers house with my sister Becky, but the house didn't belong to my grandmother. We were visiting my mom there. We were young, but I our current forms.

I was traveling.

The second part led me to someone's house that could only be described as Lady Gaga. It was as if I was spending the night with this woman. We had sex together. We slept on the second floor of the house we were in. There was little furniture I the room.

The third scene, and most easily recalled was in the swamps of Louisiana. Perhaps I was below the US boarder. I was wearing boots, khakis, and a green striped button down shirt.

I was walking through the swamps and I stumbled across an indigenous people group who lived in the muddy waters. I stumbled upon one family: the mother in particular.

Her house was built into trees, and she had many children. I had short conversations with her daughter as well.

In talking to the woman, I asked her about what she'd do whenever hurricanes would come. She had no answer because she couldn't understand my language.

I saw men of people driving around in old Chevys. They would drive through the water, and I was able to see the depths of the water. Where the water was too deep the trucks would float.

Behind us a road appeared. It was wooden, and sat atop the water. I decided to follow it towards a clearing in the trees. I passed by a man, and asked him what was up the direction, he said that's it was a boat Dock, and that there was no one there.

I was looking to get home so I went towards the dock. I found a large congregation of white people there. Many people were eating at a restaurant there. I had only coins in my pockets, so I was unable to get any food or a snowball.

I decided to call my dad to see if he could come and get me be Use it was getting dark, and I wouldn't be able to walk through the swamp at night. My phone was almost dead, and my dad could barely be heard on the phone. He asked me where I was, and from a business card that I got from the counter of the restaurant. I was in Goo-man, Louisiana... Or Goumau... Or Something along those lines.

My dad asked me how I walked from Baton Rouge to Gouman. I wasn't sure, but I was glad that my dad knew where I was.

By night fall I could see some buildings, and signs of western civilization. Also along the peer I there was a casino boat. That was when I knew that I was still in the states.

Then I awoke.