Dream Sequence

It started with me at the Patterson Truck Stop.My boss, Bart, was there. He was sitting at the bar, He had been drinking too much. He had just walked out of the casino. We had mild conversation, and in his inebriation, he told me that he had found my music on the juke box, and played it. From that he went on to tell me that he saw Lexus Berthalot and her mother in the casino, and in the conversation we found that he knew them too.

At that point the scene switch, and I was in Humble off of 1960 and Timber Forest. My apartment complex was located where Coach's Bar was, and in the same shopping center was a piano store. I went I with Bart initially.

The store was giant with lots of warm tones, deeps reds, and vintage lighting.

Walking around we looked at all the pianos, and I found many different kind. I sat at a harpsichord, and attempted to play it. The keys were loose and wiggly.

Bart exited the sequence, and my dad and Ms. Barbara came in the store. I was excited to see them. I played many of the pianos--but only recall one having the appropriate sound. It was light brown without stain on the wood. It was also one of the only ones there that was normal in size.