One Week From Now

One week from now I'm going into the studio, in the same fashion as I did a year ago about this time. "Sights and Sounds pull me back down another year; I was here." -Gold Dust

I've got a lot of things on my mind this morning, where I'm coming to you live from the front desk of Beckwith's Car Care.

The Competitive Nature of Music

I believe that proficiency is a beautiful thing as far as music is concerned. A very good friend of mine Jaime Malagon--whom I've written about in the past--is a classical purist. He is strict about his own proficiency as it is part of his pedigree. In cases like these, where one is recite the classics, heĀ should be better than most. After all he has to maintain a position as a pianist for whatever institution is paying him.

However, outside of the professional since what about the very essence of music? What about the part of music that is vital to the human condition? Is music really about the flashy introductions and lead in? Or is it that music is only defined as competition that is to be played out on basic access television? And to be recognized as a musician, means that you've participated in one of these TV Shows.

Not that I think that there all bad, or that nothing good come from them. I love me some "Behind These Hazel Eyes."


I've been listening to classic country music all day. I think the customers dig it :)