Perhaps a Better Day

"Sun" Atlas: Space 1 - Sleeping At Last I woke up this morning with time to tend to my senses before I started my day. Whether or not it was in a proper moral correction is neither the question at point.

It's still hard for me to see a candy apple red F-150 without thinking it's nameless; however, I don't say that this morning with despair in my heart.

My mind has moved to a point where it's just wanting to move on--to leave nameless; in the back of my mind only to be reminded of him whenever someone talks about suicide, but the reality is that he's actually attached to many more strings than just that alone. So, I digress.

Plans are made in my mind, and I contemplate this new worldview that I feel like I'm willingly accepting. What is in changing your world view? Does that mean that ones faith is to be affected as well? The reality is that regardless of what one would call the actual physics of the universe, it all comes down to the question of are we alone here? and how close of quarters are we keeping with the intangible.


Heart thump... thump... thump...thump

All in all, it wasn't so bad of a day.