Demons, New Age, & Charismatic Churches

This past weekend I went forward, and had prayer about the demons while at church on Sunday. While speaking with the Lord the pastor told him that he new it wasn't  necessary for someone to flop around on the floor or be stricken with any level of charisma in order for the Lord to deliver them from anything. Coming together on a belief like that was important for me. I have some wonderful friends from the charismatic side of the faith, and--like always--their belief is strictly invested in their church's teaching and doctrine, their ministry, and their gifts and talents. In no way am I attempting to speak any less of the presence of the Lord among that group of people, but I've always had a distaste for church that try to corral people like that. It should be presented, however, that my thoughts about it are often perceived in wonder: "What if that's just what the devil wants me to think?" "What if the answer to knowing Christ is only & exclusively in the charismatic church and all it's peculiarity. In the dawning of the New Age it must be questioned if the fundamental nature of  the charismatic side of the faith is not THE only side of the faith. It must be considered that our cultural understanding of church is more than just cultural.