It's been over a week since he's been gone. It seems that things that have been absent due to the shock of the matter have begun to return. Earlier this week, I was unable to listen to music; now I can. Earlier this week getting an erection would have been almost impossibly. Look like my plumbing is beginning to flow correctly again, and the subduing of my hormones has ended.

Although one could see this as a sign of my healing, and/or moving on, I'm not excited about this one. How long until the urge to have sex with another man is too strong again. What am I going to do then? Wrap myself up in another homosexual relationship that is just as unrighteous as my previous one, or begin some life of celibacy or--again--venture towards a heterosexual relationship.

Either way my plumbing is back on, and if you're a 20-something year old like I am--single--then the plight of abstinence is quite the difficult one indeed.