Artistry and Shifting

Artistically I'm looking at moving forward;

Before nameless died, I'd begun my third click. What is a click? It's like making full circle, or another lap around the sun; however, these moments or seasons are not defined by any specific length of time. However, they seem to occur every five to six years.

Every time one of these involuntary levels of understanding are reached, it's as if I start over on a new canvas, but knowing a little more about my gift, art, and craft. With the new canvas and new understanding, I'm able to approach my work with more control over the temperamental variables of song writing and minstrelsy. It could also be said, however, that I'm able to better create under those variables despite their measurements.

I've learned of the divination of my art;

It was something that I only suspected to exist, but--given my recent history--I know what the ultimate ramifications of it's power can be. Humility is now more necessary than it has ever been.