Victoria Beckham


This is a picture of fashion designer Victoria Beckham, as she appeared along side her business partners from the late 90's for what now seems like could have been the last time. It's not as much sad for me as these types of things were in the past. I believe that Victoria Beckham has risen above the rankings of a late 90's pop phenomenon, and into the world of the designer  or--perhaps better said--the artist.

Her pieces have a theme that runs through them; at first one can see something slightly masculine [at least for such a beautiful woman to create]; then the fragrance of herbs from another world [a proud Brit she is]; and then the subtle touches of indescribable details that weave themselves together to demonstrate quality in the art as a sold good. Those details are what makes her brand unique.

The product is priced in four digits. It's as if one were to go to an art galleries open house  and purchasing a blouse  on display for the dinner party that would follow. I wouldn't say that I'm an absolute fan of her work, but I am a fan of her determination to express herself through design and fashion. I believe that the fashion designer differs from that of a painter or a musician because the medium is the "perception of yourself by another" ----?-----if that makes any since at all...


Tomorrow my CD is slated for delivery.

A thought occurred that it could deliver me.

But not by the trappings of what could follow,

But the confidence that will ensue.