Cymbalta & a Renewed Subscription

20130408-150906.jpg One thing that love about coming to Dr. LaGrone's office is how beautiful it is inside of here. It really distracts me from the fact that I'm actually here to keep from going crazy. A lot of times when I refer to my depression as "crazy" people tend to retract, and sanitize the circumstances.

No---please let us not fool ourselves.

I've been very comforted by my technologies lately. The blue-tv-screen-light, and the light ticking of a hard drive from the late aughts. I've always kept a handheld device with me, even whenever it was just a Gameboy Color. It's nice to reach out to the digital age through my thumbs.

It brings to mind: robots would make good pets; but the truth is that robots are good pets, they are just not as complex or interactive as some might think they should be in order to be deemed Robots.

Becky is in town today; I'm excited that she gets to be here for whenever I get my record. I'm further excited about being able to share the disc with the people that I love the most first--before the campaign actually begins.

Great things are in store;

outgoing /\/\essage;;;

I can see what you're doing, I'm glowing, You're moving, I'm being reeled in. It seems you did feel me, Whenever I tugged the line. What is to follow? "Requesting Permission to Land"