Why I Love or Hate Religion

One of the latest viral videos to hit the scene is called "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus." It seems like this is the first time in a long time that Christian has found some pretty significant play in the mainstream of YouTube. The video itself--in my opinion--could have been done better as far as aesthetics are concerned, but I believe that this guys message is pretty dead on with the same census as the typical modern day non-denominational church: Religion is bad; Jesus is good. Check out the video below.
Sine the rising popularity of this video plenty of responses from many YouTube(rs) have risen up, but one in particular has struck my fancy. It's a video performed by a man named Fr. Pontifex entitled "Why I love Religion, And Love Jesus." Fr. Pontifex bring a contradiction toward the words of the previous video. He talks about the importance of the church, and why religion is what Jesus brought. See the video below
I believe that this argument is one that is a very valid one in the church today. Quite often the issue is only recognized from a one sided argument, and never heard in a true debate. I think that both of these men make awesome points.
Religion has created the standards that have cause the world to hate the church.
Religion has made a way for the church to grow in the way that it has.
Those are both two very big aspects about the church that we just cannot ignore. However, the argument--like most debates--can go on for days, so I will leave you with a video that I first saw a few months ago that really set the stage for me with all of this Christian spoke word. This is the original spoke word video.