Is the Gospel of Christ in the Zodiac?

Back in 2007 when I began my search that inevitably led me to Jesus Christ, I learned of many things. Most conservative views of Christianity--or modern ones even--would not see the means of which I was brought to the Lord proper, or a means in which to lead another towards salvation.
I learned of many things in these early times of my faith. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, New Age, a countless nights of reading everything the internet would tell me about 2012. One thing I found stuck with me to this day and still affirms my faith is the Precession of the Equinoxes. Most of us have been exposed to precession--whether you've been going to college, you've seen Zeitgeist, or you've been keeping up with the latest 2012 prophecy. However if you're unfamiliar, a great explanation can be found here.
What really drew me into the whole concept of precession was its correlation with the church, and the symbolic parallels with Biblical symbolism & allegory that show themselves evident. I found the evidence that I needed to proceed in the faith. 
Since then, I have grown into the Christian I am today, and with a personal relationship with the Lord there is not a need for extracurricular resources outside of the church & the scriptures themselves anymore. However quite often, in my thought processes, I am reminded of the beauty of a magnificent creator who foretold his ultimate story in the pin pricks of light in the night sky... but is this exactly so?
The basis of which the idea was first presented to me was from a book that my mother gave me in either late 2007 or early 2008. It is entitle The Real Meaning of the Zodiac by D. James Kennedy and Nancy Britt. I read through the very beginning of the book, and then skimmed the rest--which, by most standards, is not the most scholarly way of adopting a theory that a piece of literature presents. Knowing that there was a publishing in favor of the subject was enough for me to accept it as sound doctrine. Later I found that the book was based on an earlier writing called Witness in the Stars by E. W. Bullinger.
Now that I'm of a sober mind & more firm in my faith in Jesus Christ, I have come to question my initial theories, and have read a few accounts of the illegitimacy of the the theory. Today I have purchased an electronic copy of Witness in the Stars, and this time I plan to actually read what it is I so thoroughly believe. I have a lot of standing questions that I would like at least some insight on:
Is it not true that the ALL things have been created by the Father, and that it is the enemy who makes them counterfeit?
What is to be said in regards to the Biblical covenant changes that have occurred in tandem to the astronomical age shifts, and the Churches phenomenal response to them?
How can the said relationship of the Gospel and Zodiac be ruled out completely due to Biblical warnings of astrology with out further ruling out the astronomical involvement of Christ's birth and death?
With that said so begins my new investigation of one of my favorite topics.