Decoding the Unknown Cipher of a Dead Man: Ricky McCormick

Ricky McCormick's story is one shrouded in great mystery. In 1999 his body was found some 15 miles away from his residence; No reason for death could be determined, and homicide was ruled out. Knowing that, it is quite a typical case of the standard American dead body, but the queer fact about the situation is actually what was in his pockets at the time: two note ciphered notes written by McCormick himself.
At the time of McCormick's death the notes--thought to be written three days before his death--were never mentioned to the media; However, Twelve years later in an attempt to bring the mystery to an end the FBI has released the ciphers to the media in the hopes that a fresh set of eyes could figure out what they and there team of professionals might mean.
Since the cipher's publication the FBI has received more than enough responses to there plea. They have asked that they no longer receive calls or emails, but that all possible answers to McCormick's riddle be directed to the website dedicated to his ciphers.
I encourage everyone to take a stab at it. I am curious to know what they say, and if they have anything to do with his death at all. For all we know the notes could be his grocery list or lyrics to a song that he likes. According to McCormick's family, he'd been writing in code since he was young, but no one could ever decipher it.
Good Luck!