Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive?

So it seems we’ve found the guy: the infamous villain of the American 21st century. Last night after finding out the news, I was brought to a strange solacing emotion: a familiar place that plagued me some ten years ago whenever I was in the eighth grade and first heard that the towers had gone down.
I wonder how the American community is going to respond to this as a whole—let alone the response from the divided political parties. Soon there will be talk of “the end of the war.” Everything within the past ten years has somehow been affected by that one day in September, and for the first time--in a long time--some sort of resolution has come about.
Or has it?
Almost every news report out there is talking about what has happened within the past evening, and almost every American is quick to believe that which is being said. I’m interested in seeing how the conspiracy theorist will approach this situation. A Karachi-based GEO television network out of Pakistan and Bloomberg has already begun making claims that bin Laden is still alive.
I find it odd that bin Laden is dead only DAYS after the highly debated birth certificate is revealed to the media.
I find it odd that the picture of the bin Laden’s cadaver had to be edited to be released to the masses.
I find it odd that the body was given an immediate burial by sea.
Not to mention the countless reports of bin Laden’s connection with the Bush family, and the many discrepancies found within the 9/11 report.
I’m not trying to persuade a reader to believe one side or the other, but I am saying that there is another side to this ten year long epic we as Americans have journeyed on. As humans we lie to each other every day for many different reasons. I ask each citizen to be more discerning—if not, as much as possible—during this next year.
Do not believe everything the “talking box” in your living room is saying. The revolution is NOT on your television.