Express 1MX

About a year ago my boss approached me about my work attire: jeans and an embroidered polo. She was concerned about how “professional” I did NOT look, and requested that I find new uniforms.

Shopping for clothes is something I don’t regularly participate in. Usually if I find what I like, I stick with it--until my body shape begins to rejects it. I remember being pretty concerned whenever I was asked to wear a button down shirt and a black pants—not my cup of tea. Being slim I worried if I would be able to find shirts with the proper cut that would fit my form, but find them I did.

Express 1MX shirts

This shirt is a fine garment cut to fit the build a modern day millennial; it seems that Express has the monopoly on solids color shirts like this. In my search I have found no other shirt to fit me better than a 1MX, but there is a horrible down fall.

“Dressedlikethis” is a commenter on Express’ website; he spoke correctly when on 2.15.11 he recognized the shirts calling them “Colorful short term shirts:”

“…the darker colored shirts fade drastically after one dry cleaning so tell your cleaner to be gentle. Machine washing doesn't fade the shirt as fast but will leave it with a textured look--as opposed to a crisp look it starts out with.”

He’s right. I started wearing the shirts everyday as part of my regular uniform. Over time, however, I found that they began to become worn. The shirts do not hold up for any extended amount of wear.

The problem here is not the fact that the clothes don’t hold up; it lies within the fact that the shirt priced very expensively: running about $60 a shirt. You can buy two and get one half off averaging the shirts at $40 apiece.

The price does not match the quality. The shame is that, like I said earlier, there is not legitimate competitor to provide me with either the same quality shirt with a better price or better quality shirt for the same price.