Old friends

These old friends have been staying in the Forest. A quick trip to recover them. Some old friends are beautiful, and some old friends are like cactus’.

Setting Up & Sitting Around

Early Sunday morning set up at Westlake.

Early Sunday morning set up at Westlake.

A big part of my musical life has been a lot of sitting around, and waiting for other musicians. It’s not a complaint, just an observation. In fact, there isn’t much to complain about these days.

So much of art is pulled from depression and angst, at least for me it has been. It’s a strange place to be whenever it’s 1:30 am, staring at my instrument from across the room, and know that there isn’t much that I need to emote about.

I’m guessing that’s good. Maybe I can hang out here for a moment.

Petroleum for my beast

I mentioned to Miryam last night that I don’t wright much as of late in my blog. In 2010 THIS INTANGIBLE EXISTENCE began as a blog.

Almost a decade later here I am.

Here I am at a place of Humble beginnings, drinking coffee from a mug that could have stood for prepress criticism.

the saddest thing is that the air is so different: an unwelcoming glare and a standard “mean girls” attitude that I was made aware of earlier today while at the mall looking at anime pariphinalia.

An previous client of mine saw me and approached. We greeted each other with a bro grab, and before we could mention much of anything else, he began to speak of he and I’s formal meeting ground. He expressed the same things I mentioned previously.

It’s fine - The beast needed a check up, and I wanted to check in…

So I I’ll just leave all of this here :)

Red hair: it’s Red Mercury season - and I’m so excited.

Red hair: it’s Red Mercury season - and I’m so excited.

…I’ll just leave this here…

…I’ll just leave this here…

The Smell of Autumn

“A cold wind blows…”

This time of year often brings a large influx of nostalgia. Bitter waves of memories come from an angered ocean shaken by regret. Something sweet is left behind.

“All you have to do…”

In these times I have to, reluctantly, remind myself that I am not my past.

“The journey calls…”

Perhaps one Autumn, many years from now, on a late Sunday, moments from midnight, I’ll be in a similar place; and I hope then to remember this night: I lived in a mansion—drove a sexy red civic si—played an awesome piano from the 80’s—had some awesome friends—worked from home—and MRYM.

“The leaves will fall…”

Like they do every year.

I’ll have new music out next month ;)

I've been meaning to talk about this...

Over the past two months, I've had some major life changes. I've had a group of pictures sitting on my desktop just waiting to be uploaded to my blog; however, with these changes, I've been busier than I expected. This morning I'm sitting in the lunchroom of Beckwith's Car Care while I wait to get my oil changed. If that statement doesn't note the situation enough, allow me to expound:

Firstly, I participate in the MS150. It was a two-day bike ride that took the life out of me. It's fun to see what you're body can handle, and being 31, I wanted to push it to the limit. The last time I did the MS150 was about six years previous. It was a successful venture.

Shortly after that, my latest single, "Lamps", was released; which was followed up by the special EP release of "His Precipice". I'm very proud of these releases; they feature a bunch of extra content that makes it more than just a single or an EP; I really got to celebrate a new era of music in my writing.

Shortly after the ride, and after the release of the new music, I guess you could say that I was feeling a little froggy. I met an anthropomorphic man named Pete. I didn't think that I was going to bring him home with me, but my credit was good enough, and Miryam thought he was cute. As a musician, this was a big step for me.

I bought a piano today. He will be called Petrof. He's got a deep voice and a big chest for a little guy. Song: "Flamingo Fandango" - This Intangible Existence (as if there wasn't a better to introduce myself)

Lastly, and probably most notably. I resigned from my long-standing position at Beckwith's Car Care. It was a very deliberated and difficult decision to make; however, with love and respect I hung up my Beckwith Blues and have ventured into the world of a corporate enterprise with Amerit Fleet Solutions.

I'm glad I get to write this blog while sitting at the lunch room of Beckwith's; this place is home in a way. 

... and the sun set with a few tears, and a heartwarming goodbye (for now).

... and the sun set with a few tears, and a heartwarming goodbye (for now).