His Precipice

I've been meaning to talk about this...

Over the past two months, I've had some major life changes. I've had a group of pictures sitting on my desktop just waiting to be uploaded to my blog; however, with these changes, I've been busier than I expected. This morning I'm sitting in the lunchroom of Beckwith's Car Care while I wait to get my oil changed. If that statement doesn't note the situation enough, allow me to expound:

Firstly, I participate in the MS150. It was a two-day bike ride that took the life out of me. It's fun to see what you're body can handle, and being 31, I wanted to push it to the limit. The last time I did the MS150 was about six years previous. It was a successful venture.

Shortly after that, my latest single, "Lamps", was released; which was followed up by the special EP release of "His Precipice". I'm very proud of these releases; they feature a bunch of extra content that makes it more than just a single or an EP; I really got to celebrate a new era of music in my writing.

Shortly after the ride, and after the release of the new music, I guess you could say that I was feeling a little froggy. I met an anthropomorphic man named Pete. I didn't think that I was going to bring him home with me, but my credit was good enough, and Miryam thought he was cute. As a musician, this was a big step for me.

I bought a piano today. He will be called Petrof. He's got a deep voice and a big chest for a little guy. Song: "Flamingo Fandango" - This Intangible Existence (as if there wasn't a better to introduce myself)

Lastly, and probably most notably. I resigned from my long-standing position at Beckwith's Car Care. It was a very deliberated and difficult decision to make; however, with love and respect I hung up my Beckwith Blues and have ventured into the world of a corporate enterprise with Amerit Fleet Solutions.

I'm glad I get to write this blog while sitting at the lunch room of Beckwith's; this place is home in a way. 

... and the sun set with a few tears, and a heartwarming goodbye (for now).

... and the sun set with a few tears, and a heartwarming goodbye (for now).