Savercool Productions

Hanging with SAVERCOOL

I was given a great opportunity to hang out with Richard Savercool this weekend and fill in for him while he was letting his voice rest.

It was such a different experience to jam the front spot for a rock band. I felt like Jagger a little bit ;)


Sessions with Richard Savercool

About a year ago, I embarked on a recording project with a friend of mine—Richard Savercool. Every Tuesday night I would go to a very tiny city north of Houston called Paton Village; I would meet with Richard at Freedom Family Church in a tiny room that he had set up as a recording studio.

 Accompanied by his wife, Trista, at times, Richard and I began to explore some of my writings that go back as far as 2007. Together, I was able to journey back to those far reaches of space that I traveled to during “Constellation BluePrint”, and reminisce of the gravity and flood that was “A Piscean Journey Through the Martian Battlefront.”

 Though I was able to explore deeper parts of the music that was written so long ago, what was most valuable about the experience with him was that he allowed me to learn a lot about who I am as a musician, what it is I want to achieve, and what it is I’ve been doing since I was in high school.

 Richard brought my music to—what could be considered—a pop influenced mainstream sub genre. Growing up on 90’s pop, I couldn’t have been more excited about the ear candy that grazed my ears during the recording process. I learned that songs just don’t happen, and the amount of time that is put into them is grueling.

 Earlier this year, the writing process began to creep up on me, and my focuses began to shift from the work that has been to the work that will be. Along with other variables, Richard and I officially ended our unfinished project.

 Being a year since the project began—give or take—I thought it to be right to finally share this music with public. The short release features the three songs that Richard and I completed. I hope all enjoys them. All song are available to downloadFREE.

Behind These Eyes

The Maid

Flamingo Fandango