... and wrap you in rings.


Saturn has been part of the visual aesthetic in my art since my earliest recollections. But there comes a point when you have to start questioning why it's there in the first place.

A few years ago, whenever I was putting together the set for Bulbs, I started coming across a conspiracy theory about Saturn and it's relationship with occult symbolism. It was enough then to urge a change in titling of one of the songs in the set. More recently these fringe internet theories have become more detailed in their assumptions of Saturnian symbolism. Most of the information lacks good references or the resources available are questionable themselves. The things that I'm hearing are accusatory and pointed.

I clutch my left forearm with a renewed sense of regret and shame.

I don't have much to really say about it all. In the least it's a reminder that regardless if you dig something up, there can always remain pieces of roots in the dirt that will sprout up in the first snow of the year. Sanctification is a long process that slowly peels back layers of yourself, and shows the debauchery hiding in the sulcus of the heart.