The Guilt of a Nation & My Own

Retreat to your mind
Harvest the hollowed gourds and fill them with song
Fill them with the things of depravity:
Summer's Lust
Broken Law

My own Guilt
& the Guilt of a Nation

Love Wins / Love Wins
Barack Obama / Rob Bell

I never thought that gay marriage would not be legalized; I believed it was inevitable, though I do feel like it was a bit all of a sudden. Maybe someone who was following the story a bit more closely would think other wise.

This will bring a judgment to the nation, but I don't think it's a judgment that wasn't already upon us prior to the legalization of gay marriage. I believe that God is biding his time for America, and thankfully so. That could be considered a cop out, but my heart feels the swelling of the end of the age. That is to say that it's not the beginning of a new age already. 

My thought on all of this have been amended on this world.

The Jew 
The Spirit
My Savior 
Reflex Blue

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