Let Freedom Ring in Acadiana

I was in Louisiana this past weekend. I've been feeling more and more disconnected with the state of my internet presents. What is this maintenance with a technological record book? I want to write, but the truth is that I don't exactly have a formulated opinion about much that's worth talking about. I see this wasp and this cardinal. The imagery comes from the dead bird I swept off the roof of my grandmother's house in Louisiana a few weeks ago. It's eye was gone leaving the socket. I can't remember if ants were eating it or not, but the picture goes along with the theme. It ruffled again whenever I returned to my grandmother's house this past weekend, and found another reference to the bird. It's a bottle of Bird of Paradise cologne. It's cast red glass in the mold of the bird. Fitting isn't it? Even more so, this isn't the first time that an antique Avon bottles have made it into my hoard of creative totems. None the less, there has been a blast of expressive energy entering my system. This time I can build this one aware.