Dream Sequence

A mountain, Along the ascent there were different thing.

There didn't necessarily occur in the order in which I am recalling them.

Nathan Brow and Bobby Kaznoon were in the with me at this academy or school of sorts. We were all three working together. Nathan and Bobby went off to lunch together, but I went to lunch alone.

The primary location was reminiscent of the seventh grade and the class rooms there. Ms. Liprie's class room in particular. I can recall there being visqueen draping partitions.

Another stage: I could see the location of where we were from aerial view. I could see the facility where I was, and I could also see a neighborhood with swimming pools and a few houses just below the academy. Dylan Oubre lived in this neighborhood.

The third stage of the dream was back in the academy. I was in a class room with my peers: people from the seventh grade era of my life. In particular I saw Keandra Augustus.