Out of Egypt & Stories in Exodus

In my life and through out my indoctrination I have know very little about the Jewish people, or the linage of Jewish people that led up to Jesus. So with that, Old Testament studies are the topic of discussion. Questions have risen for me early in the text of Exodus as I hear about the life of Moses. Since I've seen the "Prince of Egypt" more often than I've actually read the text my thought process is altered to say the least.

I'm curious of Moses' status in Egypt. I wonder how high in ranks he really was; I'm sure it was low enough that he would see death for killing the Egyptian man--clearly NOT above the law of the land.

I'm also curious of the state of worship in the land of Midian, after he left Egypt. Was Moses worshiping other gods under Jethro, only to encounter the Lord at the bush?

Furthermore, how was he reared in Egypt? The text reads as if he knows who Aaron was---so did he even know he was Jewish?

As wonderful of a movie is think the Prince of Egypt is, IT IS HORRIBLY MISLEADING.

----Not to mention

the whole part of the story where God is about to kill Moses because his son isn't circumcised. What did that look like? and How did they know that was necessary to keep the Lord from taking their life?