Working for the Man -- Or Woman

I find myself, this morning, sitting at the front desk of Beckwith's Car Care. Six months ago I would have said that it was a far stretch for me to come work for Lynn again, but I was given an offer I couldn't refuse. Really, how many people can say that their car repair free, and all they had to do was work Saturdays until their debt is paid off. It's a great opportunity really. My sleep schedule has been completely trashed here lately. Usually if I don't have to go to work on Saturday, I can sleep until three--maybe four o'clock. It's rather unhealthy, and so working for Beckwith's will give me a brake from sleeping... which according to my brother-in-law, isn't a break at all--it's the opposite of a break.

Beckwith's Car Care quite defined my being whenever I first got to Texas. They picked me up off the street, and groomed me to be the worker bee that I am today; for that I am grateful.

Tangled up in Beckwith's blue.2535_10202259108391759_1838518468_n