Organizing the Intangible

I've been writing music now since about 2002;  I completed my most definitive work earlier this year--Aquarian Floods.  The wonderful thing about completing work is everything that you have left over: song that didn't make it, songs that are incomplete, and all the songs that are still to come. There are songs orbiting my mind. They're all there, but it's the hardest thing to quantify. I'm not sure how many there are. Sometimes they over lap each other, and blend in melody and key signature. The majority of them have no lyrics.  The ones that do have lyrics still feel incomplete--as if they need a few years of refinements.

I've come to know that song-writing can be years of a long process, and I'm fine with that; however, with knowing that there is music ahead of me, I'm anxious to move forward. But, that's not necessary.

It's not necessary for me to rush into a new record. As a musician I have been on assignment for about two years now. It's something that I should be more firm in doing.

The writing process is something that has come so natural to me over the past ten years; but, I believe that I'm at the place in age where I should take control of the powers that have been given to me, and to focus my energies and abilities towards a goal. Though I don't like how that sounds, I feel it's right.