Creativity Bleeds

Every morning during work--as my mind turns over and over about nameless--I bring myself to this blank document so that I can lose the words in my head that are haunting me. There is probably nothing that I could say on this morning that I already haven't already said about this situation.

I feel like I still have so much to say about it, and I probably do. I can see a narrative building inside of my creative consciousness.

At the beginning of the year, I completed my work "Aquarian Floods" and "Campaign One". I told myself that because of the toxicity of nameless; and I's relationship that if I returned to my music, the Lord would meet me there like he always does. There was a strong urgency that I had in my heart about getting the work completed.

I was right in thinking that the Lord would meet me there. It was as though I had to finish the work before nameless; would commit suicide. I couldn't imagine going into the studio in the state of grief I'm in now.  And so, with both of the works being completed I found them definitive, and all encompassing of the message that I've been trying to communicate since 2006. It was complete and final.

Such a perfect time to start over creatively. To end with a bang. Or start with one. So it ends, so it begins.

What is the next for me artistically. It seems almost normal that I would write about nameless; in my next work; however, at the beginning of a work it's hard to know what the picture really looks like. The beginning is often cloudy with very minimal details.

Here I am, at the beginning of a new creation. Here I am, waiting for the words of my Lord to spring me forward in the work.

I've learned of the power of my craft, and yet I'm still unable to fathom it's ability.