I went to sleep very early yesterday. On Tuesdays I meet with an old friend, and we have a bible study; I didn't make it to our meeting.  Today is one of those days where I wake up from haunted dreams. Nameless wasn't present at all through out the night of illuminated thought, but an essence of his was. I was traveling with a group of Christians, performing as a musician. There were plenty of Christians that I knew there. I can recall playing on the stage with some of my band mates from my current gathering. Most peculiarly, however, was that the Pentecostals from Patterson were there. One family in particular was there; I've had a major man crush on this brother since I was in high school.

We were traveling to this camp-ground-like-facility. It was probably two or three hours away from my home which I believe was in Louisiana. Whatever event that was the reason of our being there was over for the weekend.

I remember leaving a note on the mirror for this guy in the bathroom to meet me in my room for some kind of sexual activity. I awoke to him on top of me; however, nothing really happened.