Two Suns

Last night I dreamed of two suns. The second appears in the night sky, and burned a glowing orange that could be seen by my sister and I as we drove through the country. The heat of the new sun was so intense that I could feel it burning on my face. My sister and I embraced each other to keep from the burn. A scene somewhat similar to that of when Claudia died from exposure to the sun in "An Interview with a Vampire". It became more sinister once our original sun rose the following day. We took shelter in a cottage in the woods; an old man and woman was living there. There was also a young guy that was my age. The heat crept in through the windows, as we hid behind couches and banisters. I thought to myself, "I wonder what the internet is saying about this phenomenon", but dismissed the thought due the seriousness of the situation. I remember the guy approaching me as he was shirtless. We put our hands on each other as if we were going to have sex.

Regardless of the second sun's purpose or reason for showing up, and what potential damage it would cause to this tiny blue planet, the fact was that it was there, and there was nothing on earth that we could do to stop it's power: true powerlessness.