The Truth About My Lord

I know that my faith is deeper than just the surface whenever I hear the truth--from the perspective of a non-believer---because I'm personally offended usually. Since my return to faith in the late aughties, I have often found myself watching out for the next big faith movement, or the latest debunking of Christianity. I like to stay informed of what people believe about my Lord, and with the roots of my indoctrination thriving, I brace; I brace to see how believable the "truth" really is.

Then, I sigh, hold my head low, and ponder how someone passionately devotes their life to promote a belief; however, this strand of belief is but often defensive overtones of anti-Christianity at their true core, and their root cause is never fully understood.

I wonder, "Why would someone hate Jesus so much--on purpose?" Scripture says that acts of sin and disobedience really say how you feel about The Lord. I can't help but demonstrate my distaste for his ways just by my actions alone as a sinful creature, but because of Jesus' impact on society ( let alone my intangible self ) I am free to love The God of the Jewish faith as my own;

For he is the most high.